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Canadian Ayr Swisha creating Waves on International album

May 17, 2021 | Eugene Pitter |

Canada has produced some of the world’s greatest hit-makers. They include Anne Murray Canadian singer in pop, country and adult contemporary music ; Celene Dion a singer best known for her song, My Heart Will Go On, which was the main theme of the 1997 film Titanic. Most recent is Aubrey Drake Graham popularly known as Drake the rapper who has won some 4 Grammy Awards and 27 Billboard music awards.

One artistes hoping to follow in their footsteps is AYR Swisha who is featured on  the 19- track Miungu Ya Muziki international album; produced by Michael “Beatbopper” Hudgins. The West Virginia U.S base marketing guru is stilll clutching his latest occolade- a Billboard plaque,for his role in landing Tropical House Cruises to Jamaica: Reggae Collectors Edition to Billboard status.
The Canadian AYR Swisha song Fortunes is self- produced. In an interview, Hudgins speaks highly of the Canadian. “I am very grateful to have a Canadian on my album, Miungu Ya Muziki which is doing so well. Since its release we have hit no 1 on 4 new album released Amazon charts, in addition to charting in at least 10 countries including Russia, Ukraine, Sri lanka and the United States.
AYR Swisha, born  Muhammad Sibgatullah Sheref.(Arabic Islamic meaning prophet) promised to bring his unique style and pattern, as well as his delivery to enhance the already promising album.

Reminiscing, the Canadian hip-hop/rap star first recorded song Boondocks came in 2015. Some.of his other over 10 songs are Fresh, Aftermath, Contrabando, Story and Street Cold-all within the 2015- 2020 years with Back from Nothin in 2021

He has credited his parents and comunity for supporting his music.” My dad, Riad and mon Lodie helped me in accepting and pushing to go further in this (music) career.”
He also recalled having the passion for music during his school years free-styling which drew a lot of- not only attention, but praise from his class-mates and adults. Friends encouraged him and he was greatly influence by the sucesses of rappers including 50 cent, Tupak and Ice Cube.
Ayr Swisha hopes he will also be featured on the next upcoming album produced by Beatbopper.

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