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“Certified Gold” To The World

June 21, 2022 | By Supa Pea Michael Hudgins, one of U.S. most successful album producer, is set to create history with his upcoming Certified Gold album.

Hudgins,  who goes by the moniker “Beatbopper,” is already embracing success from his latest Miungu Ya Muziki 19- track album released February 2021. The album; featured a good mix of new-comers and established artistes. They include Bounty Killer, Gucci Mane, Kabaka Pyramid, Maestro Don, Talis, Blvk H3ro, Kxng Izem and Lahjihkal.

The album went No 2 on the US iTunes Top 100 charts, tipped by Bob Marley’s great “Legend.”album which went no 1. Miungu Ya Muziki also topped the Caribbean-Cuba Amazon  New released album charts, in addition to charting in eight other countries, including Ukraine.

According to Hudgins; “Certified Gold” will have no more than 19 -tracks.  i do know from experience  that  there are  some late-comers who will try to get on the album, but it will not work.

” I have been listening to the songs keenly and the lyrics, for the most part, are pretty clean. And, because this (album) will be  world-class,  I will be looking for talent who must bring some class to this project.” Speaking of class, Hudgins mentioned Deejay Lahjihkal out of Spanish Town as a likely up-setter.

“He ( Lahjihkal) might not be seen as a big deal in Jamaica, but his song “Need My Love”  went  no.6 on the US iTunes charts last year, while “To The Team” was one of the best sellers on the Miungu Ya Muziki album.

His current song ‘Be Like This’ has a carnival flavour which will definitely grabbed the attention of music lovers around the world.”

Other artistes, who will be digging for gold, is Jah Onze, a Jamaican-born living in the United Kingdom.

He is known for songs like “Omaye,” and one of the artiste on Tropical House Cruises to Jamaica edition album which hit no 1 on Billboard charts in 2017. Also in the mix is CPF out of Philadelphia- an underground artist known for the song “Lucious.”

Coqui- Da -Cure, a hip- hop underground legend from Virginia, credited with working with Missy Elliot, made the cut on the album.

Others are Jayel More, a  producer/ artiste  from Virginia Beach whose  entry is “Home In The Summer” and super producer/ artiste Grip beat out of New Orleans. Certified Gold is expected to be released this August, 2022.

Supa Pea

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