Chris Martin ‘steppin’ out

Christopher Martin

REGGAE singer Chris Martin has released the music video for Steppin’ Razor.

Directed by Kurt Wright, it was shot on location in Jamaica.

Steppin Razor, the single, is produced by Frankie Music and is the track from his debut EP of the same name. It is slated for release in spring.

Steppin Razor bears the same name of Tosh’s 1977 classic. Martin, however, explained the distinction.

“Tosh’s song had a militancy, cutting down inequality but I am saying a steppin’ razor is sharper than the rest. It is having so much confidence in yourself that whatever you are doing, you are going to be sharp in it… whether it is with women, school work or how you dress,” said Martin.

“It has nothing to do with money. It all boils down to the belief in yourself, confidence and high self-esteem,” she continued.

Last year, Martin’s career got a shot in the arm when he starred in the Jeremy Whittaker-directed romantic drama Destiny.

The film enjoyed rave reviews at Reel World Film Festival in Toronto.

Martin said he was thankful for the opportunity to showcase his other talent.

“This is a giant step for me. I poured my heart out into it. I expect big things from this movie, perhaps similar accolades like that of The Harder They Come,” he told the Sunday Observer.

He is known for songs such as Cheater’s Prayer, Chill Spot and Take My Wings.


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