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Christian films take centre stage

THE three-day Toronto Cornerstone International Film Festival starts September 20 at several venues across that Canadian city.

Among the films to be screened are The Son, a drama by Barbados-born film-maker Cheryl Nembhard.




Festival founder and director Andrew Mahorn was born in Canada to Jamaican parents. While working on the Canadian Black Film Festival in 2009, he stumbled on Christian films which introduced him to the religious movie industry.

“I was surprised, and disappointed, how little the church here in Canada was aware of the film industry and about the fact there was no film festival or anything like it to celebrate films and film-makers that create family-friendly content with biblical values,” Mahorn told Splash. “I see Christian movies as more than just entertainment but also tools for ministry and a great launch pad for evangelism.”

Nembhard says she is looking forward to The Son being shown in Jamaica in October.

Restore Oneness, Nourish Unity (RONU) Outreach Inc, an Ontario-based organisation, is responsible for the film’s Jamaican run.

The Son is the story of a 12-year-old boy who has been raised by gangs and is consumed by hatred. His tough upbringing is a sub-plot for the RONU’s ‘From the Inside Out’ programme which addresses, among other things, parental issues.


By: Cecelia Campbell-Livingston – Jamaica Observer

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