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Christopher Martin “You’ll Never Find!”

July 13, 2021 | Natasha Von Castle |

Christopher Martin’s “You’ll Never Find” A Romantic Ballad for the Summer!

Celebrated Reggae and Dancehall balladeer Christopher Martin adds “You’ll Never Find” to his catalog of chaunts.  The song is aimed at being a memorable ballad for the summer.

Produced by Robert Livingston for Big Yard Productions, Christopher expresses his affection to his sweetheart who within the song, acts as if their affair means nothing.  The lyrical expression complimented by a well-suited bass line sings the romantic tale.

Taking to social media, Christopher teased fans with an audio-clip of the song.  Martin’s vocal appeal, penmanship and down-to-earth persona led to a number of comments on his clip including “chart-topper,” and several fire emoji’s from members of Jamaica’s music fraternity.

As Martin enters a new phase and direction with his career, his latest single “You’ll Never Find” represents Martin’s vocal ability to deliver good love songs while shimmering with global appeal. Martin has released two full-length studio albums, 2017’s “A Big Deal” and 2019’s Billboard chart-topping “And Then.”  Among his hit songs are “Cheaters Prayer,” “Big Deal,” “Mama” and “Giving It,” just to name a few. His success has endeared him long-lasting association with corporate brands in Jamaica, and their confidence in him has resulted in increased market share for their products and services. Having toured countless countries and tapped into international markets with his music, Martin’s future in mainstream music is confidently assured.

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