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Jamaica Born, Toronto Based Artist, Tha Vor, Uses His Beliefs In The Rasta Faith To Inject Positive Messages In Hip-hop

Many people have said that the hip-hop genre has pretty much died out and that what we are listening to today is merely commercial rap. Agree or disagree, there are still a few underground artists who are creating authentic hip-hop and doing a very good job at it. One such person is Jamaica born Toronto based MC, Tha Vor. Being a strong believer in the Rasta faith and culture, Tha Vor makes it a point of duty to produce songs that are not just for ones enjoyment but also for enlightenment.

In his latest single and video, “now you’re gone,” he touches on the very popular topic of cheating, but addresses from the standpoint of a man being cheated on, as opposed to being the one committing the act of indiscretion. When asked what inspired such an unusual approach, Tha Vor said: “we go through break up at times, different scenarios in life and this is inspired by real life events.”

“Now You’re Gone” clearly shows that although it is not talked about very often, women, much like men, are sometimes unfaithful in their relationships. The track is produced by Marcus Kane and features R&B song bird Keon Love.

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