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Chuck Fenda Scores Straight A’s for recent Shows

Reggae conscious deejay Chuck Fenda is scoring straight A’s since returning to Jamaica from his electrifying performance at Culture In The City, in New York, last month.

 The Heartless man, given name Leshorn Whitehead, who has no mercy for crime and violence, has ended 2023 on a bang, and could reclaim his former glory on the reggae music tracks in 2024.

“All I can say is that after a break from local stage shows, it is clear as crystal that reggae fans are hungry for not only Fenda but the entire Chuck.

“Looking back at the videos which capture my performances on stage is testament that I am going in the right direction.

“Culture In The City, New York, shows reggae fans clearly want righteous music. On leaving the venue, there were hundreds asking when Chuck Fenda will be returning. “

The Morant Bay, St. Thomas show cemented all that Chuck Fenda kept saying, that people from the four corners of Jamaica are craving for him.

“It was the Mayor of Morant Bay who called to say he wanted me to perform at their annual Christmas Tree lighting, an event which had close to 20,000 people (December 17, 2023).

The heavyweight deejays’ hour long set was well received.

His opening act was “Can’t Cool”, one he has used to whet his fans appetite for every show; then he moved to, “I  Swear” with the crowd singing along. Young and old were part of his act, singing and shouting for more Fenda. This gathered momentum as he moved to others, including, “Hard Times”, “Gash Dem And Light Dem”, “Heartless- Hurt Mi Heart” .

He closed his set with “Coming over Tonight” and “Prayer.”

It took Chuck Fenda some two hours to leave the venue which was choked with traffic and people.

Others who heard about the deejay flocked Rub-A Dub -Thursdays where Fenda gave a well coordinated 30 minute set. The songs included, “I Swear,” “Haffi Win,” “Hurt Mi Heart”, “Coming Over Tonight” and “Heartless.”

Chuck Fenda was called a day before Stings’ 40th anniversary which had him performing in the giants segment. In the end music critics included him among the top three best performers.

Dressed in a green outfit, he could do no wrong that December 26 night.

“For  2024, I will be promoting my Eternal Fire album; looking forward to tour Europe, US and the Caribbean.” he added.

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