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Chuky releases new video with Gyptian


British dancehall sensation Chuky recently released the video for his collaboration reggae hit single, ‘Burning From The Heart’ with international artiste Gyptian to rave reviews.


“The feedback on the streets has been positive, especially among females. That is very humbling and gratifying for me,” Chuky said.


The single, Burning from the Heart, has received favourable airplay from Zip FM, and various radio stations in the USA, UK, Europe, and the surrounding Caribbean Islands.


“I have been getting a lot of requests for dubs and jingles for this song and I just want to say thanks to Gyptian for doing this song with me and bringing my music to a wider international audience,” he said.


The song has become a staple on mix CDs circulating globally from Jamaica, USA, UK, Africa, and Europe, even Australia. As he continues to aggressively promote the single, Chuky has done interviews with Baddstreet & Granslam radio stations based in New York, as well as other Internet radio stations, and ethnic reggae magazines in Europe.


“The Burning from the Heart song is a one-drop catchy lover’s rock song for all age groups, races and creeds,” he said.


However, Chuky’s first love is hard-core dancehall and he has an armada of new singles which will be released in upcoming weeks. Singles such as the sexually charged ‘Touch’ and the witty ‘Bubble Like a Pepper Pot’ on a banging riddim with an infectious sing along hook. Fans can also looked out for a KMD-produced single entitledMake a Change featuring the UK underground artiste Whiskey.


another collaboration


Chuky has also tried his hand at production with another collaboration single which features Munga, Potential Kid, and Gyptian.


“This is an up-tempo, high-energy dancehall track which will soon to be released,” he said.


As the world celebrates Halloween, you can bet that the name of Chuky will come up in conversations about ghouls and ghosts, and if this Jamaican-born British version of Chuky has his way, he will also make a mark in the global music industry.


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