Murder Suspect Confesses To Clarendon Massacre

June 24, 2022 | By Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie | In a nutshell five members of one family were found dead in their house in a rural district known as Cocoa Piece in northern Clarendon, Jamaica on or about Tuesday June 21, 2022. The suspect, Mr. R. Barnett who is said to be a cousin of the deceased, in the Clarendon massacre has since confessed to the killing of the five (5) family members. He was on the run for a few days, but was captured by police at his former place of abode in Trelawny. When caught he was reported that he was putting together clothes apparently to go to another location.

Clarendon Massacre

Ms. Kemeisha Wright, the now deceased mother, was training to be a nurse. She is 30 years old and she was the mother of four children. Ms Wright and her four children were all found with their throats slashed in what has been described as their tiny house in a rural district in Clarendon.


Neighbours noticed no movement in the family house and went to investigate. On investigation the lifeless bodies were discovered. Four children ranging from ages: 15, 10, 4 and 23 months were all found dead.

No Warning Signs

In this bizarre incident there are a number of questions left to be answered. What could have led to this massacre? Was there no warning signs that could have sent a red flag so all and sundry could have picked up ills in this family structure. There were really no warning signs at all?

Government To Fund Funeral

On a late item of news from Kigali, Rwanda where the Commonwealth Heads of Government Conference vis being held. The government led by PM Andrew Michael Holness through Information Minister Robert Nesta Morgan has stated that the JLP administration will stand the cost of the funeral for those massacred at Cocoa Piece, Clarendon.


As a society, Jamaicans need to be able to settle their differences in a non violent way. This female family member now deceased had extended her courtesy to accommodate this family member, said to be her male cousin. What happened which could have led this male cousin to not only murder the mother of four children, but her four children also? It is still very difficult for me to wrap my head around such a bizarre incident.

The Jamaican society is left in shock, awe, and dismay at this bloody event. May God help the remaining members of this family get some healing and the strength to overcome this tragedy and eventually come to grips with this untimely loss. Will closure ever occur?

Respect For Life

Gentleness and respect for life has long left the Jamaican society. Reprisal, murder and interpersonal conflicts have been taking centre stage and serious steps need to be taken to stem this epidemic. Intervention from the early childhood level seems to be the starting point. Without life, economic recovery means nothing.

A sad day indeed!

Hopeton Dennie

Hopeton O'Connor-Dennie is a poet, elegist, author, and senior international journalist who writes for Vision newspaper.

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