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December 11, 2015
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December 11, 2015

Controversial High Seas Drug Bill Stuck in Sand


Leader of Opp. Business in The Senate Senator Tom Tavares-Finson displaying controversial bill which if enacted into Law would give sweeping powers to a National Security Minister to extradite suspects without due process. This would be a violation of a suspects rights to be sent where ever the National Security Minister wishes. Sen. Mark Golding piloted bill.

FMR.Nat. Security Minister, Senator K. D. Knight, Leader of Government Business in the Senate (Upper House) supported Sen. Tom Tavares-Finson ….. they are both lawyers.

Jamaicans could be tried if intercepted on high seas and their right to Extradition hearings waived, allowing Nat. Security Minister, a politician to send suspect to say the USA. This bill could be used to circumvent the Extradition Treaty. It could also be used apolitically to embarrass opponent.

Debate Suspended

The Debate was suspended by bipartisan support last Friday for more work to be done on proposed Bill. You could say the bill got stuck in the sand. The rights of Jamaicans to be shielded from possible political abuse and possibly not get a fair trial was at stake.

This bipartisan approach got support. The Senate acted after considerable debate

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