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Cudjoe Joins Fi Wi Nyam Yam Jam Fest

Cudjoe, a businessman from Trelawny, has joined the organizers of, Fi Wi Nyam Yam Jam Fest, set for Easter Monday, April 1st, 2024.

Cudjoe who claims he is not a relative of Cudjoe the Maroon leader, has decided to jump on board after Michael Newman, the driver of this Easter fest, called on him for support.

“Newman and I have been friends from school days, which is over forty five years now. He contacted me about his proposed Fi Wi Nyam Yam Jam Fest, some three months ago and I responded the very day.

“Newman has a record of creating community events, and I knew this one would be successful.

“We are both events planner who believe in giving back to communities.

“I have contributed to churches, schools, the police and individuals.” Cudjoe believes there are people who are genuinely in need of help and there should be, even one person, who will go the extra mile to make all of this happen.

“One of my most memorable moments is helping the Lowe Litchfield Basic school in Trelawny. I am always ready to help, whenever they have events, and this include the entire school population of sixty students.”

The church also gets my assistance from the donation of, mainly food items. And, these are used whenever they have various functions.

Cudjoe, born Courtney Hanson, grew up in Litchfield, Trelawny and attended Christiana High school.

“I wanted to be an auto mechanic, but changed course, mainly because I grew up in a business family.

“My father was the owner of a grocery shop in which I used to help out in selling, even before I became a teenager. This allowed me to have wide experience, not only in customer service, but accounting.

“I started my own business in my early twenties operating a grocery shop. This has expanding to a mini-mart and bar.

Cudjoe hopes Jamaicans and outsiders will support this Easter Fest. “This will definitely bring more tourists to the island and employment,” he said.

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