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Shavi Shines on Dream-X Different Element Riddim

Shavi is set to shine big on Dream-X latest project, Different Element Riddim. His song, Mountain, is motivating youths in accomplishing their dreams. The song released , November 17, 2023, is on the Dream-X Production imprint.

The project amassed 10,000 streams on Audio Mack in a matter of a week.

According to Shavi, “the origin of the song came from hearing Different Element Riddim, which I received, from Dream-X, sometime in April, 2023.

“I was home in my room relaxing and what first struck me was the pronounced piano sounds. This was striking and melodic.

“I had the riddim on repeat, then recalled Dream-X telling me to write a song that fits the riddim.

“I felt a sense of greatness and thought how this could be transform to real life, and how others could achieve the same feeling.

“I started writing the song the following day with the chorus beginning:

Grades got me higher than a mountain

Matt Black UFO rims paint golden

Fat Coop park up …”

This gave me more drive to complete the song which was recorded at Ladden Movement Recording Studio (now Southside Recording Studio) in May Pen, Clarendon. The track was mixed and mastered by Dream-X Productions.

“My friends are virtually lost for words because they believe the song has the quality to lift my career. Mountain is promoted on all social media platforms, including Instagram and Facebook and a video is in the making.

Shavi, born Shevar Mundle, grew up in Clarendon and attended Foga Road High School in that parish.

“My brother inspired me to do music. He is known as deejay Itrad. I went to parties with him, even before I was a teen and dreamt of performing on stage like my brother.”

Mountain is Shavi’s first release. His lesson to youths is “always remain focus and to go after your dreams.”

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