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Sex sells, pure and simple. And for the dynamic and versatile dancehall artiste, Deejay R6 (aka Pussyman) this age old creed has ring true for him since he recorded and uploaded a demo video Gal A call me,” with the deejay raving about the female anatomy.

The demo video, which quickly became a digital sensation with hundreds of thousands of views, shares, and comments for its sexually explicit lyrics has instantly and transformed the 26 year-old May Pen base deejay into an social media success after just a few days of post.

“A pure things agwaan since we released the demo (Gal a call me). Everywhere me go, woman a call me, “The Pussyman!” the Goldline recording artiste shared with the Vision’s newspaper.

According to the deejay, The demo was upload just a month ago, and within a week of its upload, thousands of viewers has watched, shared and given positive comments on the video.

He also conceded that because of the sexually explicit content of the track, the team was force to recorded two versions, one suitable for airplay and the other a raw cut for the dancehall, and which is available on most major digital platforms, including CD Baby, Youtube and Amazon.

The deejay own earned the moniker “R6” from his love of bikes, declared that he is currently in the studio working on a number of new tracks new tracks, including another raunchy X-rated piece called Wet it up and a diss to all dead beat fathers, “Mind you pickney.”

The May Pen based dancehall artiste, Deejay RX6 has joined the honoured legion of dancehall artistes who have recorded tracks honouring the female anatomy

by Horace Fisher

Vision entertainment writer

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