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Deejay Pipelyne begs for end to bloodshed

With almost 900 persons murdered in Jamaica since the start of the year, May Pen base Deejay Pipelyne is appealing to the so-called Dons and shattas to “Cool it in his latest musical project…,“One start the week.

The lyrically potent dancehall artiste argues that, while One start the week may sound poetic, given the murderous carnages in places like St. James, West and East Kingston, Spanish Town, May Pen and elsewhere in Jamaica, the lyrics is rather a prophetic message.

Right now Jamaica can be comparable to any war zones…, Iraq, Syria or Afghanistan. Almost 900 dead and counting. And who we are at war with…, our self,” This madness must stop.

He said he penned the lyrics to One start the week after watching the nightly news footage, with the graphical description of the killings, the outpouring of griefs, and giving his compassion for the victims’ relatives.

It is one of the most depressing experiences to watch the nightly news sometimes. You see some horrific murders in all its graphic details as the victims’ relatives weep in despairs for their love ones,” the deejay explained in his justification for his latest musical production.

The deejay who came to prominence following his triumph in the Moby’s “Big buss deejay’s competition, and who has since recorded a number of chart topping tracks, says, “I’m just begging the youths them to stop the killing and put away the guns so that the bloodshed can stop.

by: Horace Fisher

Vision Newspaper – entertainment writer

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