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Delly Ranx :The Silent Giant in Music

August 24, 2022 | By Supa Pea |

In 1994 Nadine Sutherland and Terror Fabulous gave the world a hit song titled “Action,” Now, some 28 years later comes Delly Ranx with an EP titled “Silent Giant.”

Delly Ranx is considered a silent giant before he produced Ganja Breed, a song featured on Sean Paul’s grammy-winning album Dutty Rock.

The Jamaican – born US – based producer/ artiste is recommending that Jamaicans do less talk and more action. This, he feels, will move the country and its people closer to their goals.

“I have a problem with Jamaicans for sometime now, and thìs has to do with talking too much. We just need to talk less and use that energy to implement some social prògrams and fix those problems which we keep talking about every single day.

“Let us, for example, take a leaf from the book of National Hero Marcus Mosiah Garvey who rule, not only by the books, but the implementation of programs to improve the negro population.

“As a black activist, Garvey’s UNIA (Universal Negro Improvement Association) was formed to bring sweeping changes including social, political and economic reforms for blacks worldwide.

“For too long we have been talking about fixing roads, fixing the health sector, fixing education, fixing crime and indiscipline in schools, but what are the results.

Delly Ranx is recommending that the government put in place a non-partisan committee, free from any political persuasion to advise,  implement and monitor programs which fall under the category of national interest.

Delly Ranx is promoting his latest 11-track “Silent Giant” album.

The tracks are – Mama Love, Special Lady, Settle Down, Battle Field, Sound Clash Start, High Grade, I’m Leaving, Legalize the Herb, Good Looking Girl, Modern Flex and Di Chant. It is produced by Pure Music Production and Sting Ray Records, distributed by J Wonder 21st.

Delly Ranx explains that the album is one which his fans was anticipating a long time.

“This is a different side of Delly Ranx, the mature stage. It is clean and wholesome, one hundred percent reggae and all the tracks belong to Delly.”

“Unlike other albums this one comes natural. However, the entire production was done in England, a decision between myself and Sting Ray Records. We staŕted the project April, 2022 and it was ready by June, 2022.

It will be released September 2, 2022.

Delly Ranx born Delroy Foster grew up in Kingston and attended Excelsior High school.

The budding deejay entered and won a deejay talent contest at age nine. He released his first song, Never Done (1991), on the Wild Geese label.

Others include, Gal nuh more than You, Sound Boy General, Pelpa and Wagga Wagga Fat.

His  albums include Break Free, Next Chapter, Sweet Reggae and Good Profile.

He is credited for producing Ganja Breed which appears on Sean Paul’s Grammy – winning Dutty Rock album, Popcaan’s hit single Family and Mavado song Weh Dem A Do.

Supa Pea

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