Diary of a BADMAN a must see

diary of a badman

Diemiruaya Deniran, the director of new film ‘Diary of a Badman’, says the project is a must see. The film will premiere today at the JAMPRO Jamaica Film Festival, and Deniran is very optimistic.

“It’s no question that the film will be a successful thriller at the Jamaica Film Festival this year. What makes the film so unique is that it gives the outlook on the entire undercover cop movie in a revitalising way, by flipping the switch from the cliché male cop role by having a female play the role. Women of African descent usually don’t acquire these opportunities, however, in the Diary of a Badman we have changed that status quo,” he said.

The director also explained that the title of the movie does not mean that the content will portray Jamaica in a negative light.

“This is art and there are many ways to tell a story. In this film, you get to see the bad guy in a different light. You may not agree with his ways of achieving his goals, but you will understand and may eventually agree to his cause of actions,” he said.

The main cast members in Diary of a Badman are Jacinth Sutphin, actress, model, and writer, who plays the lead role of an undercover detective; Douglas A. Robbs, who plays the role of Winston ‘Bucky’ Bailey, who is the target of an undercover operation; and Michael Thor Love, who plays the role of Sergeant Putkowski who heads the undercover team. The supporting actors are Kyle Moore, LaTonya Grant, Levar Dawkins, Richard Bird, TJ Thomas, Kellen Wingate, Jamek Grigg and Robert Murray.

Jamaica-based record producers Frass Twins and Dehva House also have their work featured in the film for the soundtrack music.

“With a cast of mostly Jamaican and African Americans, there is also no question that this film will be appreciated by the Jamaican masses,” Deniran told The STAR.

The film will premiere tonight at Courtleigh Hotel, New Kingston, at 7 p.m.



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