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Ding Dong Encourages Everyone to Stay “Inside” In light of the Coronavirus Pandemic

In a time of crisis and uncertainty, Khalfani Records’ latest release, with artiste Ding Dong, is a breath of fresh air. The latest track, “Inside” is a timely message that makes a perfect pairing with Ding Dong’s catchy and charismatic style. The single was officially released on April 10, 2020 and producer Khalfani McKenzie wanted to create something for the listeners during the current issue.

“With “Inside”, everyone’s conscious about the constant changes that our society is undergoing because of this pandemic and that not only makes this project relatable but relevant if we are going to be ambassadors and put our platform to good use,” he explained. The track was made possible with contributions from several key players.

This project has been a major success by the contributions of our EVP, Sean Gough, Khalfani spearheading our production group, Ding Dong, Romeich Entertainment at large, and Shane Wikid Media behind capturing the soul of this project and bringing it to life,” expressed Khalfani.

Spearheaded by Khalfani McKenzie and Sean Gough, Khalfani Records was established in 2012 and has grown to become one of the more accomplished labels in the industry, producing a plethora of hits over the years. With the positive feedback and support both locally and internationally, “Inside” has become a hit, added to the list of many successful collaborations with Ding Dong.

“We’ve worked on projects such as this one (“Inside”), “Me Affi Laugh”, “Bestie”, “Fling”, “ChaCha”, “Flair Is In The Air”, “Braff” featuring Teejay, “I Can” featuring Shenseea, Top Coote, “Good Ting Dem”, “Dutty Style Dat”, “Snappin”, with even more hits in the pipeline for 2020-2021. So stick around, we’re coming to sanitize the airwaves,” Khalfani said.

The label took a hit this year with the passing of its former president Grandville Brice III but has used this as fuel to go even harder and follow in the footsteps of those who have paved the way. Speaking on what’s to come in the year, the producer added,

“You can look forward to more plaques behind our label; this is a guarantee. We are positioned to put out more hit singles right throughout 2020. We’ll soon debut our first signed artist Neleesi, a powerhouse of talent  and we may or may not drop a surprise EP; you’ll just have to stick around for that one.”


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