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Letter from Mayor Patrick Brown to Foreign Affairs Minister

Dear Minister Champagne,

The Coronavirus is a global pandemic, affecting countless nations, a threat that does not discriminate
based on country of origin. I have heard concerns from the African diaspora in Brampton for their
loved ones in response to the numerous reports of the government directed discriminatory treatment
of Africans living in Guangzhou and spreading to other areas of China. These reports are disturbing and
should be condemned by those in power. Food & shelter is a basic human right which we must not
ignore during a time of crisis.

Now more than ever our humanity is being tested and those in government carry the responsibility of
ensuring the most basic of human rights are protected during this crisis. In Canada we have
condemned the mistreatment of people of Chinese descent during this pandemic. They have helped
and continue to help make Canada what it is today. Canada must continue its tradition of leadership
on the global stage by ensuring that the actions of government officials in China against Black Africans
cease and ensure they are given access to food shelter and medical care during this crisis.

Thank you for your urgent attention to this matter.


Patrick Brown

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