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Dutty Berry breaks new ground – Set to make stand-up comedy debut tonight


Russhaine Berry, more popularly known as Dutty Berry, will make his stand-up comedy debut stage at tonight’s Lime Comedy Café at the South Beach Café in Kingston.


Berry burst on to the local mainstream media scene late last year when Jamaican songstress Tessanne Chin entered The Voice competition in the United States. His blog, dub, The Dutty Berry Show, quickly became a hit with local audiences who anticipated the weekly reviews of the competition.


His attention to detail and insightfulness in the videos uploaded to YouTube garnered much attention from various media personalities, many of whom made guest appearances on the season finale of the show last year. It even got the attention of The Voice winner herself, Tessanne Chin, whom he dubbed Chinita Goodas, as she, too, made an appearance in the much-anticipated season finale.




Berry said although he has never done stand-up comedy before, his natural knack for making people laugh will take him a far way with tomorrow’s live studio audience. “This is a new thing for me, so the most challenging part will be transitioning from a blogger, but I will bring the same Dutty Berry excitement,” he said.


Well aware that the Jamaican audience is hard to please, Berry said he is ready to take on the challenge. “Hopefully, I can connect with them and they’ll laugh and drop a grung an’ bare tings. Worst-case scenario, I get booed, but everyone has to start somewhere.”


To all his fans whom he has appropriately named ‘berridos’, he encourages them to come out and support him in his latest venture.


Berry joins Miss ‘Tan Deh Deh’ Kathy Grant, Dr Michael Abrahams, and headliners Ity and Fancy Cat. The Comedy Café is sponsored by LIME and produced by Ellis International, creators of the Ity and Fancy Cat show.


“We are truly happy to play the role of title sponsor for yet another instalment of the monthly series of Comedy Café. LIME always supports quality entertainment, and our partner Ellis International, is known for delivering the best as it relates to comedic performances. We look forward to laughing up a storm with the loyal Comedy Café fans that come out to support each month and welcome others to join us,” said Stephen Miller, sponsorship manager for LIME.


Dutty Berry recently received an endorsement from Pepsi to give his views on the nominees in the Youth View Awards set to take place this Saturday (February 1, 2014). Berry will also host the award show’s tweet lounge, where there will be live streaming.



[VIA – Jamaica Star]




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