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March 12, 2021 | Collin Jarrett |

A Non-Governmental Organization in The United Kingdom, Empowering Blacks and Ethnic Minority Across the Globe, EBEMAG has offered a well-needed scholarship valid at JA$100,000 to Health, Education and Counselling Institute/HECOIN, the online Polytechnic of the Caribbean.


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Founder and Chief Executive Officer/CEO of EBEMAG Dr Michael George Jarrett; who is a Jamaican by birth and attended high school, college and universities in Jamaica along with USA and the UK, made the announcement that HECOIN, Jamaica, which has been providing quality education in Jamaica and the Caribbean in health, skills, tourism and hospitality management leading to international certificates, degrees and doctorates will be its first institution to be awarded the scholarship.


Dr Jarrett recently disclosed that his Foundation; which was formed a few years ago, is a multi-cultural community-based project with a purpose to advance education with the aim of relieving poverty.  He further informed that scholarships will be given to Jamaican young people from financially disadvantaged back ground with the ability to pursue higher education at regional and international institutions including HECOIN.


The conceptualizer of EBEMAG; who is a High School Principal in the UK, says the aim of his organization is to foster social inclusion for disadvantaged groups which are at-risk of isolation.  He informed that EBEMAG will team-up with other agencies in the UK and other countries to provide bursaries, interview sessions, CV writing, counselling, and other workshops to assist in the process to ensure that his scholarship awardees are well prepared for study throughout the programme of choice.  The scholarship is tenable at HECOIN for the May 2021 cohort.


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Receiving the scholarship on behalf of the 32-year-old flagship educational institution, the beaming President and CEO at HECOIN HE Prof Dr Colin O’Neil Jarrett thanked EBEMAG for being so kind to HECOIN and informed that the scholarship is timely, especially with the onslaught of the pandemic where Jamaicans wish to be involved international online study but do not have the resources at this time.  He stressed that while this is the first for EBEMAG; and hoping that it is not the last scholarship given to HECOIN, his institution is poised for being trendsetters in a number of nursing areas:  1) founding president at HECOIN was the first to be awarded a Florence Nightingale Scholarship from the Government of Jamaica and CARICOM to study Advanced Nursing Education in the UK in the early 1970s 2) founding president at HECOIN wrote the national practical nursing curriculum and examination for the island of Jamaica as requested by the Government of Jamaica and 3) HECOIN is the oldest registered practical nursing school in Jamaica.  The HECOIN President, who is the recipient of an international award, endorsed by former US President Barrack Obama, was pleased to announce that HECOIN has partnered with Global Education Platform to offer a suite of internationally accredited degrees with 100% online modality. This means that possible future scholarships from EBEMAG could also include degree programmes at HECOIN.


Dr Jarrett of EBEMAG is encouraging interested male and female, who are 16 years and older who wish to do an internationally recognized Geriatric Nursing (elderly care nursing) programme at HECOIN, can apply for the EBEMAG scholarship by contacting (876) 223-7204 (whatsapp/straight call) or email the President directly at jarrettcolin4@gmail.com for more details.  Other scholarships will be made available by EBEMAG for September 2021.  Persons who wish to make donations to EBEMAG can contact Dr Michael Jarrett via email at mjarrett1970@hotmail.co.uk.

HE Prof Dr Colin O Jarrett, Director of Media and Current Affairs.

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