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Marc Trinidad

Some of you may know me, as Marc Trinidad. The Comedian. I’ve been plying my trade all over the world for the past 18 years, enjoying the fact that I can make people happy everywhere that I went. I used to say in interviews that if I could make people forget their troubles for the 30 mins that I was in front of them, then what better way could I spend my life? I thought that would be it for me for the rest of my life. My wife and I had no idea what was coming down the pipeline.

Let me ask you a couple questions.

Have you ever felt like you were being taken advantage of? By a company or an individual? In both my career and my personal life, I’ve certainly had many scenarios where I felt, this isn’t right. They can’t do this to me. I didn’t know if it was a legal situation or not. I just knew what my gut was telling me.

 Sometimes I thought, if I could just have a lawyer to talk to, or to take a look at the situation, I’d feel better.

Did you ever want to have a contract reviewed before you signed it?

I know intimately what can occur after you sign one. Oh I read them. Sometimes I wanted to know if they were written in English or not. I just didn’t always know what they said. Sometimes it was what the contract didn’t say, that hurt me.

Ever wished you could have a letter written on your behalf to a third party by a Law Firm? Because you knew it would be way more effective than you trying to fight it on your own.

I can’t tell you how many times I could have used some legal muscle in my life. Delinquent promoters. Customer care that didn’t care. (Isn’t that what they supposed to do?)

Warranties that weren’t really warranties but were really just worries.

Well, did you ever call one? If not, why not?

I know the answer. You and I both have thought of it. Fleetingly. But we shut that thought down quickly. Not because we didn’t care, not because we didn’t want help. We shut it down because of the cost. In Ontario, at an average of $300 an hour to speak to a lawyer, it’s just too far beyond the reach of the regular family. So it’s cheaper and easier to be taken advantage of.

According to our own Chief Justice, the legal system as we know it, is broken. We can only access as much legal counsel as we can afford.

Well, what if, there was a service that gave you unlimited, affordable access to lawyers, that worked the same way your health card does to give you access to quality healthcare? But instead of the hundreds of dollars an hour, which is the system you know of now, what if it was a flat fee of about a dollar a day?

Would you want that service to protect you, your family or your business?

At that price point? Who wouldn’t want to at least take a look?

I did just that and I was floored by what I found.

Let me introduce you to the man who brought this service to Canada.

Mr Rob Mackenzie, is a retired police officer who saw this service while in Texas 16 years ago. Together with his wife Charlene (a legal secretary) and a group of about a dozen people, they brought this service to Ontario. Since then, due to its obvious appeal, it’s expanded to British Columbia, Alberta and Manitoba.

I’d guess the first question to ask you Rob, is where did this come from and why hadn’t I heard of it before?

“Well Marc, you are like most people that we talk to. Most have never heard of LegalShield, although we are 40 plus years in business we are only 16 years in Canada. The company was started in a small town in Oklahoma by Harland C. Stonecipher, a school teacher / part time insurance salesman. He got the idea after being falsely accused in a traffic accident against which he had to defend himself. Even though he won the case, the legal fees had cost him his life savings. After his dreadful experience he wanted everyone to be able to talk to a lawyer without worrying about the cost, so hence our company was started. Most people honestly shy away from us because it just sounds too good to be true, but now we handle 40,000 calls a week, that’s about 2 million a year.

More and more people are listening now, and they know how good it really is.”

Oh I can testify how good it is. But I’m sure everyone will want to know this, how is it possible to take something that is so expensive and make it affordable to the masses?

“Great question Marc. It’s one I asked in the beginning as well. It’s called economies of scale. We all don’t need it at the same time but it is so great to have when you do need it. Think of it like you’d think of a CAA card. It’s not your $100 that pays for the $70,000 tow truck and $50,000 a year driver. It’s everyone’s membership combined, that gets you that incredible and necessary service.

Let me put it another way, presently we have about 1.4 million families protected, all paying about $1.00 a day (rounded out) so that is 1.4 million dollars a day. Would you agree with me the we can get some great legal services with that kind of money everyday? On the other hand none of us miss $1.00 to protect our entire family. Split it up between a family and it is very cost effective.”

That’s an amazing way of putting it. Tell me, is this something that only caters to individuals or can business owners utilize this as well? I’m sure they too have legal concerns.

“Another great question Marc. We assist individuals, families and small businesses with legal help. We have found that small businesses are the heart beat of our economy but they are abused financially when they need legal help and often do not have the extra cash to hire top quality legal help. That’s where we step in to help them for as little as $3.00 a day to protect their business. Let me mention also, that our service is one of the fastest growing employee benefits today. Many employers see that an engaged employee is more productive than a distracted one. So if our lawyers can help your employee to worry less, they realize that can benefit them as well.”

What many people don’t know about me, is the fact that my life has been heavily influenced by Dr King, Mandela and Ghandi. All these men gave their lives in the service to their communities. Fighting against oppressive odds to give people their rights. I see this company, LegalShield and the mission of it’s late founder, Harland C. Stonecipher, as not only walking in the footsteps of those giants but also in completing their missions by making justice affordable and accessible to the masses. I thank you Mr Mackenzie for your continued service and foresight for bringing this to Canada.

I’d like you to hear from some of the users of this service prior to letting you know where you can go to hear more information about it in your local area.


Erica Cowie (Newcastle)

I entered into a loan/investment agreement with a business owner in the US. The loan amount was $10,000 and was to be paid back in 3 monthly installments + interest. After the paperwork was done, that business owner fell off the radar. Obviously I panicked.

I then decided to make use of my LegalShield membership and made a call to the provider law firm. They promptly sent a “motivational letter” to the borrower on my behalf. I am THRILLED to share with you that I received the balance of the loan IN FULL!!! I cannot, by any means, express how RELIEVED I am!! This is a HUGE burden off my shoulders.

Every day I am reminded how wonderful and helpful this service is. I will not go without my LegalShield membership. The security it provides is remarkable.


Hilda Eid (Mississauga)

After getting into a car accident that wasn’t my fault, I attempted to start a claim that night with my insurance company, to no avail. I spoke with them the next day about this and told them about their ‘claim service guarantee.’ So they opened up an inquiry and told me I’d hear back within 48-72 hours. I never did. After speaking with my adjuster and informing her of what had happened so far, she contacted her Manager and came back to offer me a $100 gift card towards gas. I was insulted! I contacted my law firm and spoke with my lawyer, who reviewed my claim and the insurance company’s policy. One letter from my law firm and my insurance company had no choice but to adhere to their claim service guarantee, which resulted in my receiving a cheque for $2014. This was not money that was owed back to me – this was extra money, just for getting bad customer service! This will pay for my membership for years! I will never be without my LegalShield membership! Thank you LegalShield!


Image Crawford (North York)

As a Mom of 6, one of my responsibilities is to take care of my family and to make the best decisions I can for and with them. One of my fears was that, should anything traumatic happen to my husband and I, our kids could be separated and “raised” by people they don’t even know. Putting our wills and powers of attorney in place was needed, but it always seemed to be a financial burden and was repeatedly replaced with immediate and seemingly more pressing matters (vehicle repairs, maintenance, home improvements, etc).

Then I was introduced to LegalShield. As members, we were given the opportunity to legally put our wishes on paper. At no extra cost! After the documents were thoroughly explained, witnessed, signed and handed to us…. the feeling was extraordinary. A sigh of relief. A sense of accomplishment. I almost felt invincible. LegalShield helped to provide me and my husband with peace of mind, knowing that when the time does come, those tough decisions won’t have to be left behind for our families to make.

Sid Sing

Sid Singh (Mississauga)

I purchased a solar system for my home and was told it was a full turn key maintenance free solution warrantied for 25 years, all I had to do was sit back and collect my cheques from the government. Well that was great for about 3 months until a family of squirrels crawled up onto the roof of my home and chewed away at the entire system, destroying all of the wires. I called the solar company to come and take a look at the the system because it was not producing what was expected.They came to inspect the system and ended taking everything down and installing a metal shield protecting the wires from further damage. The company billed ME for $2500 worth of repairs for the system. When I purchased the system I was told that it was maintenance free and warrantied for 25 years. I was confused why I had to pay for the repairs. I refused to pay the bill. They said that if I refused to pay they would send me to collections. I contacted my law firm, they reviewed my contract and sent that company a motivational letter on my behalf. I received a phone call from the CEO of the company a week later apologizing for the confusion and offered me a FULL credit for the confusion. Am I a happy Legalshield member? Oh YES!

By now, you may want to know how you can get more information to see if this is right for you and your family or business. You can call me at 1-877-477-4186 to schedule an appointment to learn more. And because February has such fine weather, we are also conducting webinars on Monday 16 and 23 at 1 & 9pm. Just go to www.join.me/teamaddition to have a 15 min overview.


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