The Latest: Dr. Peter Phillips Blasts PNP

Dr Peter Philips
Dr Peter Philips

Dr. Peter Phillips, Opposition Spokesman on Finance and a long standing political operative and Cabinet Minister under at least two PNP PMs, was crudely attacking press freedom. The right of the press to operate should not be silenced … in the gospel according to Dr. Phillips the media is a nuisance.

Watergate … USA

If it were not for a vigilant press in the USA president Nixon would not have resigned in disgrace for allegedly being part of a plot to “break enter and spy” on his political opponents. It was a free press the exposed this atrocity that led to his (Nixon’s) departure. The most powerful man in the world at that time.

The media’s role to unearth and expose corruption. We like leaks as it means citizens and media are working together to defeat the main culprits of corruption like big business, government officials, police and politicians.

Be clean Dr. Peter Phillips and there will be nothing shady or juicy to leak.

Long live the whistle blower … they are protected by law in Jamaica.

by Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie.

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