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Government Roundtable Discusses Budget 2024’s Impact on Black Canadians

Toronto – On April 25, 2024, The Honourable Marci Ien, Minister for Women and Gender Equality and Youth, along with MP Arielle Kayabaga, Chair of Liberal Black Caucus, and MP Michael Coteau, convened a roundtable discussion with media representatives from Black communities in Toronto. The focus of the discussion was on the implications of Budget 2024 and how it aligns with the needs and aspirations of Black Canadians.

Titled “Fairness for Every Generation,” the roundtable served as a crucial platform for engaging with journalists and community leaders to delve into the specifics of Budget 2024. The government officials highlighted the commitment to supporting all Canadians, especially in light of recent challenges, while acknowledging the specific hurdles faced by Black communities.

Key highlights from the discussion included Budget 2024’s comprehensive plan to accelerate housing construction with a bold strategy aiming to build nearly 4 million homes by 2031. Additionally, initiatives were outlined to make life more affordable by reducing living expenses, ensuring access to housing for students, and bolstering the national school food program. The government also emphasized its commitment to growing an inclusive economy by creating more youth job placements and investing in innovation.

Of particular note was the government’s pledge to ensure renters receive credit for their monthly payments, facilitating easier access to mortgages and homeownership.

Minister Ien, MP Kayabaga, and MP Coteau expressed confidence in Budget 2024’s potential to bring about transformative changes in the lives of Canadians, particularly those from Black communities. They stressed its capacity to address pressing issues and reaffirmed the government’s commitment to working tirelessly for its successful implementation.

The roundtable concluded with a discussion on Budget 2024’s goals, including accelerating housing construction, reducing living expenses, and bolstering the Canadian economy, while ensuring generational fairness for all Canadians.

In their statements, Minister Ien, MP Kayabaga, and MP Coteau reiterated the importance of recognizing and addressing the realities faced by Black communities. Minister Ien emphasized the significance of ensuring that no voice is left behind, while MP Kayabaga highlighted the government’s commitment to delivering generational fairness and building a Canada that works for everyone. MP Coteau echoed these sentiments, emphasizing Budget 2024’s role in fostering economic empowerment and creating opportunities for success across diverse demographics.

The roundtable discussion underscored the government’s dedication to inclusivity, equity, and opportunity for all Canadians, regardless of background. Budget 2024 stands as a beacon of hope, signaling a commitment to delivering generational fairness and building a brighter future for Black Canadians and all Canadians alike.


The convening of this roundtable discussion represents a significant step forward in addressing the specific needs and concerns of Black communities in Canada. Budget 2024’s focus on accelerating housing construction, reducing living expenses, and fostering economic empowerment is a promising sign of the government’s commitment to addressing systemic inequalities. However, the real test lies in the effective implementation of these initiatives and ensuring that they translate into tangible improvements in the lives of Black Canadians. Continued engagement and accountability will be essential in ensuring that the promises made in Budget 2024 are fulfilled and that the principles of fairness and equity are upheld for generations to come.

Alwin Marshall-Squire

Alwin Marshall-Squire is the Editor-in-Chief and Afro-Canadian Affairs Writer at Vision Newspaper - The Caribbean Update. With over two decades of experience, he is a dedicated advocate for amplifying Afro-Canadian voices. Alwin leads with vision, shaping the newspaper's editorial direction to reflect the diverse Jamaican Diaspora community. His insightful commentary and investigative reporting shed light on issues of identity and social justice, sparking crucial conversations and inspiring positive change. Alwin is not only a journalist but also a community leader, actively involved in initiatives promoting equity and representation. For feedback Alwin can be reached at

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