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PM Andrew Holness Announces Lock Down.

April 13, 2021 | Zhane Squire |

The Most Hon. Andrew Holness announces another consecutive weekend lockdown. This stirs whispers in the public, asking the unanswered question at what cost? As small business owners are still faced with the stifling reality of the COVID-19 impact. It is reported that 161 new cases have surfaced after 1484 new testing was done. There is still 22802 active cases, 6 deaths and 119 person have recovered from the virus.

In attempts to address the public’s concerns the updated curfew hours now runs from 4pm on Saturdays to 5am on Sundays and resumes at 2pm on Sundays until 5am the next morning. No early closure on Fridays and Daily Curfew begins at 8pm.

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