Breaking News: Portia Orders Integrity Commission to Probe Campaign Funding Scandal …
September 1, 2016
Five Canadian Nationals Arrested in Jamaica
September 2, 2016

House Divided: Dr. Angella Brown Burke, Mayor of Kingston Jamaica, Publicly Scolds Her Husband Paul Burke


Paul Burke

Paul Burke

Perspective: As the PNP Campaign Funding Scandal takes it toll, at least one high profile family are “not in bed” on this messy issue.

First citizen Dr. Angella Brown Burke, Mayor of Kingston & St. Andrew Corporation (KSAC). has publicly chided her husband Paul Burke who is General Secretary of the PNP of which she is also a sitting Vice-president.

The high profile family seem not to be in bed nor seeing eye to eye on the Campaign Funding Scandal.



Mayor Burke said she disagreed with her husband Paul’s approach on the scandal.

Paul Burke publicly said “if you throw a stone in a pig sty and a pig squeals” a local way of saying that the party that squeals is the guilty party.

Dr. David Wan, president of the Jamaica Employees Federation (JEF), has also chided Paul Burke for not providing details but by implication has tarnished the image of Dr. Omar Davies.

Dr. Angella Burke has chided her husband Paul Burke for his apparent lighthearted comment (as stated above).


Dr. Karl Blythe

Dr. Karl Blythe

Dr. Karl Blythe, presidential candidate vieing to replace Portia Simpson as president of the 78 year old People’s National party (PNP). distances himself from her decision to appoint the party’s Integrity Commission to investigate the Campaign Funding Scandal rocking the party. “Independent party should be asked to investigate the scandal.”

Why should the public trust the PNP in the future?

As usual, the verdict is yours.

Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie is Senior International Correspondent & photojournalist for Vision Newspaper Canada.

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