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April 6, 2018
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April 6, 2018

Cornwall Sick Building Hospital?

Photo: Health Minister Receives Preliminary Report on Construction Work at Savanna-La-Mar Hospital Health Minister, Dr. the Hon. Christopher Tufton. (FILE)

Will CRH Be Closed For Repairs?

There has been much said about poor air quality at the ailing CRH. We all seem not sure. Industrial action by nurses likely to pressure the authorities to act more urgently at repairing CRH coupled with unexplained deaths has set the stage for showdown.

Dr. Dayton Campbell, Opposition Spokesman on Health toured the hospital and by interpreted insinuation, that there have been two deaths at CRH recently. His comment has been understood, to be claiming that deaths are caused by poor conditions at CRH. Campbell denies such. Why then say that you await an autopsy before determining the true cause of the deaths?  Just wait on autopsies. We have to be very careful what we say. Speech is free and encouraged but … also to mention same in the context of an industrial action and poor air quality, deaths may not  be connected to CRH.

Dr. Dayton Campbell

To link the deaths to the sick hospital not knowing the true cause of deaths is not advisable.  Dr. Dayton Campbell is an Opposition politician and is also legally trained.  “I went to university to be a trained doctor and not a politician …” asserts Campbell. Patria K. Aarons said “You introduced the deaths in the argument …” they were interviewing Dr. Campbell in the “Cover Story.” Dennis Brooks was the co-host on the popular radio morning show.

Dr. Christopher Tufton

In excess of J$800 million dollars to date has reportedly been spent or will be, according to Health Minister Dr. Chris Tufton, Phd. Tufton reported that one of the deaths was from a heart related condition. Nothing presumably to do with mold or air quality.

We are not making any medical diagnosis here as we are not medically trained to so do…. just stating the facts as we get them.


Canadian Connection?

This building is believed to have been designed on Canadian or European standards.

There has been a leak in the roof which led to molds in the hospital. This “ailing” building which is believed to have a Canadian connection,  has been in the news persistently for over a year now. Also a sewer related issue has been identified.  This is not a JLP since 2016 problem. Some of these problems have been around for years, but ignored by the previous PNP government. Sources close to CRH have advised us privately.

Air Condition

It was first diagnosed that the air condition system was contributing to reported poor air quality in the building. Air Condition system fixed.  There have even been the relocation of certain departments to a nearby church building and elsewhere.  Yet the problems persist and there is talk that the building be demolished.

Opposition seem to be playing politics … most unfortunate.  Confidential emails and data also leaked to press.


Two Billion

With an estimated price tag to correct the problem of two billion Jamaican dollars being banded about, then there is need to get up to date information on the true cause(s). Budgets are not elastic.


There seems to be an attempt to politicize the condition of the ailing building. This is tempting but we are calling on all concerned to be circumspect in your utterance(s).  The Opposition, we are sure means well,  but to link deaths without evidence could be grossly irresponsible and alarmist as that may have no bearing on the condition at the Cornwall Regional Hospital (CRH).

When will patient CRH gets healed?  We hope soon as it serves many communities in the second city and region of Montego Bay, Jamaica W.I. with over I million population.


Politically, when you win the west, you take the rest.  You do not win an election in Jamaica if you lose the west. All politicians know this …. hopefully Dr. Dayton Campbell is aware of this fact.  He should be.  He did call a press conference to highlight the illness of CRH. To embarrass the government even as he knows the ‘patient’ is getting urgent attention may be immoral, but this is politics and Campbell is a politician.

The good health of patients/public should be above party politics. Are we wrong? Let us hear from you please.

Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie is Senior International Correspondent & Photojournalist for Vision Canada.

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