I lost everything’: Winnipeg teacher in lap-dance video shares story years later

Chrystie Fitchner made headlines around the world for participating in a mock lap dance with a fellow teacher during a 2010 school pep rally at Churchill High School. That momentary indiscretion cost her career as a teacher in Manitoba.
 Chrystie Fitchner Lost Job … Manitoba
What about forgiveness?  The punishment should match the crime or infraction … do you not think so?  “He/she who is without sin let them cast the first stone”. Some of us are so puffed … we make a stuffed Turkey appear to be not ready for the oven or frying pan.  This level of prudishness sicks the stomach.  A career and life is being ruined after open fun. Lighten up stuffed up Canadian prudes.  A Canadian woman  told me she was married for 30 years but never saw her husband naked.  He turned off the light when … good for them.  Was he ashamed of his manhood or lack thereof?  I nearly fainted when she confided in me.  I am never ashamed to display my God given attributes “Thank you Lord for my blessings so bountyful bestowed on me”
Fitchner A Victim
Do get on with your life, madam Fitchner … you are a victim.  You have better days ahead … do not get overly depressed… do not harbor thoughts of suicide.  Life is so beautiful and you are. You did not kill anyone, you just gave them good medicine … a laugh.  That is good stuff.  This is small town reaction to small stuff.  Hold your head high and dismiss the nuts.  They remind me of the Huckleberry PTA.  You recall the hypocrisy immortalized in that very popular song.  In a nutshell the executive of the PTA was critical of a parent’s lifestyle, e.g. wearing dresses too short  … yet she was being pursued by another member who was married who knows of her marital status.  Real double standards, eh!  There is no infidelity in Manitoba?  We guess not.
We are not here trying to impose our values on anyone, but if you can step over something small why amplify same.  Do not strut the small stuff.  Focus on that which really matters.  If the teachers were semi-nude one could understand.  Is being fully clothed their real crime?  We may never know their strange motivations.  Nudity would be a no no. Would it be for real?  The punishment should match the crime.
This is my perspective. Feel free to disagree.
Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie is SIC & Photojournalist for Vision Newspaper Canada.

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