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Inpha Reblitive Releases The Antidote

June 28, 2023 | By Nackesha Doyley |

Fast-rising Dancehall Artiste Inpha Reblitive is set to officially release his new single titled “Antidote” on Saturday, July 1st which is celebrated as the Artiste’s birthday.

The single is produced by 343 Muzik, composed by Avion Stylz, and mixed by Nick Grenade Muzik on the God & Time Riddim. All distribution will be done by CD Baby, which makes the ‘Antidote’ available on all digital platforms for purchase as of July 15, 2023.

“I am excited about the release of this track. It’s a track that everyone will love; it is easily relatable and maintains a pensive state throughout its lyrics. I can’t wait to see how the fans respond to it,” said Inpha Reblitive.

Inpha Reblitive shares how happy he is with the finished product and how working with the producer(s) of the track was:

“I found working with the producers enjoyable as we were all close friends even before we started doing this project. From ‘I heard the beat it gave me that sense of pain and struggle, so I just expressed what the riddim was saying to me,” said the artiste.

Inpha Reblitive has other major projects set to be released soon such as ‘Alone’ ft Shane O and ‘Rose & Wreath’ from the Navigator Entertainment Group, and ‘Nobody’ on the ‘3 Crown Musiq Label’.

Inpha grew up in Raymonds, a small district in Clarendon. A place where he was negatively influenced due to the death of his Father at the tender age of eleven (11). Inpha was forced to grow up early, being the second of three (3) siblings.

He faced immense hardship and suffering, which he used as a motivating factor to hone and develop his God-given talent. At the age of fifteen (15) Inpha developed an intrinsic love for music and therefore used this to express himself during his hard times.

It was at this point that he was forced to assume the role of his family’s breadwinner at the tender age of eighteen (18). Inpha worked assiduously to fend for his family. This aspect of his life was expressed in tracks such as ‘Weh Dem Deh’ and ‘Seven Days A Week’.

Nackesha Doyley

Nackesha Doyley is the CEO & Public Relations Manager with M.I.A. Productions

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