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Lush Floatel coming to Trinidad Carnival 2024

June 28, 2023 | Vision Newspaper |

The LUSH Trinidad Carnival Floatel, the ultimate VIP experience, has officially launched, and The Top Tier Management Group is over the moon to announce it. This special event, which runs from February 7, 2024 to February 14, 2024, offers a week of unmatched luxury and excitement onboard a stunning boutique cruise ship, offering a hotel-like anchored cruise experience in Trinidad and Tobago’s capital city of Port of Spain. Trinidad is known for its world renowned carnival experience and LUSH is offering guests a new lavish and deluxe package bringing a new grandeur respite to the occasion. Guests will have accessibility to all the carnival festivities within reach, allowing an on-the-spot participation to all events with easy and safe access. This extraordinary expedition promises to be the perfect combination of luxury, entertainment, and cultural immersion giving our invitation-only guests a guaranteed personal and unique experience. In addition we are pleased to integrate a memorable flying opportunity by offering chartered flights from Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States. 

The highly anticipated LUSH Trinidad Carnival Floatel seeks to reinvent the idea of opulent entertainment. Guests will also be able to relish in live performances by the best Caribbean musicians, drawing a diverse crowd of famous people, influential people from across the world, and the region’s best athletes. 

LUSH will be offering guests a premier award-winning inclusive accommodation, with high-level safety. Having breathtaking and every luxurious amenity included is the perfect way to experience your time in Trinidad. Every inch of the suites and cabins on the cruise are designed to bring a magnificent ambiance as you take in and admire the beauty around you. The elegant finishes, luxurious detailing and attention from a dedicated team of butlers, attendants and concierge is sure to enhance the comfort of your stay. Guests will enjoy prestigious and illustrious on-board activities guaranteed to make this trip a momentous one. Choosing a vessel with accolades spreading all throughout the world, we want our guests to immerse themselves in pure bliss and luxury as we have instinctively put everything in order the LUSH way! 

According to Omar Stephenson and Hector Carter, the managing partners of Top Tier Management Group and the co-founders of LUSH, “the excitement of the Trinidad Carnival will be combined with the elegance and comfort of a boutique cruise ship to offer a really unique experience, we are thrilled to say. This event is a celebration of the rich culture, music, and natural beauty of the Caribbean.” 

Visitors will have the exceptional chance to take in the fantastical atmosphere of Trinidad Carnival as well as the spectacular turquoise water while in port and the unspoiled beauty of Tobago’s beaches. We will also be pleased to offer an exclusive benefit to our guests offering the Tobago Cool Down which will run from February 14 to February 18 and feature an all-inclusive Cabana Butler Beach Soiree in addition to a variety of other activities and surprises. 

The LUSH Trinidad Carnival Floatel will provide a remarkable and memorable selection of activities to suit every preference. Guests may partake in a recognized wine sommelier’s wine tasting event, admire a display of cutting-edge art, try their luck at Casino Night, and relax at the Cigar Bar during Havana Night. During a Rum Tasting experience, the occasion will also highlight the best rums from the Caribbean, enabling visitors to appreciate the various flavors and customs of the area. 

An array of epicurean delights curated by famous chefs from Trinidad and Tobago will be one of the highlights of this unmatched experience. The culinary experts will source antibiotic-free and organic meats, dairy, and vegetables with an emphasis on healthy Caribbean cuisine, guaranteeing a delicious and sustainable dining experience for all guests. Three excellent restaurants will be located on the ship, each presenting a unique culinary concept to please our visitors’ discriminating palates. 

The cruise liner’s director, Marc Baron, stated his excitement and said that the “LUSH Trinidad Carnival Floatel is sure to grow into the most sought-after event in the Caribbean. In bringing this remarkable event to reality, we are honored to work in partnership with The Top Tier Management Group.” 

Corporate sponsorship packages are available and designed to give an array of options that will allow sponsors to capitalize off of marketing opportunities and build an evolving business relationship. 

To be a guest and partake in this plush experience we encourage you to R.S.V.P. at 

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