Is Norman Horne A US Citizen?

December 8, 2020 | By Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie |


Norman Horne Exposed?

As the Constitutional crisis continues to grip the tiny Caribbean Island if done 3 million persons, due to the failure or refusal of Norman Horne to honour his commitment which he publicly stated that he would not take up his Senate appointment by Dr. Peter Phillips former opposition Leader. He is expected to write to the Governor General advising that he does not plan on to take up his appointment. This appointment cannot be terminated without the cooperation of Mr. Norman Horne.  Peter Bunting cannot be so appointed due to Horne’s non-action.

This drama has been eliciting considerable public comment in Jamaica.

Clive Williams a former PNP member and attorney at law said on air:

“When something begins un- principled then this leads to problems.  Dr. Peter Phillips was aware he was leaving. He should have had wide consultations with the leadership of the PNP.  Horne is just hypocritical. Why are you blocking Bunting?”

Continuing the noted attorney opined inter alia:

“It may be a good idea for the PNP to take Mr. Norman Horne to court.  This may not be successful, but it would force Horne’s hand, as he would have to file an affidavit stating his reasons for not taking up his Senate appointment among other things.”

Peter Champagne, QC

The noted attorney at law has called for an amendment of the Constitution to read inter alia:

“On assumption of a new leader whether Opposition or otherwise, it should be that all sitting Senators would automatically resign or their posts would become vacant.”

Cliff Hughes, host of Nationwide’s radio show “Cliff Hughes On Line”. Hughes is of the view that: “

Horne is stalling to get his US citizenship revoked.”

We hope this crisis will be solved soon.  If a Constitutional amendment needs to be done then the JLP led Government should do so immediately.

Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie is a veteran journalist who thrives on politics. He has international exposure.

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