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IWish – Young Jamaican Artistes

Young artistes tell their wish for the music industry and what they think they bring to the table.


  • Iba Mahr

I now see the music making a paradigm shift from roots and culture; not that it has died, but just need to be played more.

Regardless of what is being played, the people need redemption songs, especially in these times of division and world crisis.

I can only say that reggae music is a medium through which we connect and touch people in any situation, so I work to preserve its legacy.

I would love to see Jamaica re-establish herself as the capital of reggaemusic, where reggae fans from every nation across the world will come to enjoy Jamaican talents, lifestyle and culture.

Iba Mahr represents the authentic sounds of reggae music. The young and old enjoy my music, because of its relevance to the time. I bring joy, comfort and assurance to the worried and depressed. I take pleasure in doing love songs. I am inspired to sing about real-life occurrences, but in reality, as artistes we create melodies then connect words to them to craft stories that reflect the lives of others.


  • Eklypse

I wish up-and-coming artistes can get a better chance without payola and for local stage shows to return, because airplay alone can’t develop artistes. I also wish local artistes had better managers, because without a good manager its gonna be a struggle.

Eklypse is bringing positive music, real-life stories documenting struggles of our people … some real content fans can relate to when they hear it.


  • Tiana

I wish for females to be more respected in the industry and for the DJs to play more female artistes in the events and on the radio. I also wish that females would unite and improve our dominance.

Tiana is bringing unity to the Jamaican music business. One of my main aims is to do more collaborations with female artistes, and I am bringing consistency.


  • Dazzla

I wish the Government and police force would ease up on the street dances because a lot of people are being affected by it. They should balance it little more.

Dazzla is bringing a different style and flow. Di thing dem real drench, everything I bring to the table has to be drench.


  • Tiyarro

I wish the Government would free up the music that people can eat food, and stop lock off the dances because it is the only source of income for many families. The Government should be helping, instead of trying to bring it down.

Tiyarro is bringing good music with depth and world-class content, and I hope to have reggae and dancehall selling again due to superior productions.


  • Black As Cole reggae band

We wish for reggae music to be brought back to Jamaica. We are not even close to European countries as it relates to making authentic reggae music and that is where we want to be.

Black As Cole brings originality, we respect our icons like Bob Marley and Black Uhuru. But we want to add our own legacy in the music industry as the first reggae band with a female lead singer.


  • Ra Deal

I wish the different companies involved with the music would tighten up on their roles. I also want radio and sound systems to highlight the more proper songs and don’t sell out the business.

Ra Deal is bringing authentic reggae music, uplifting messages and lyrical content. I wanna make music so that when people embrace it they will be inspired to think positive like Bob and Jacob Miller.


  • Denno

I wish that every artiste and producer, just come together as one. In Jamaica, if you are not from a certain camp and alliance, you will be pushed out. If we can unite the music industry, it will be a better place.

Denno is bringing music with substance and positive messages. I also bring hard work to this industry, and right now I’m promoting a single called Live My Life.



  • Libran

I wish they will have a young artistes segment in the media to focus on the development of young talents, especially radio.

We are promoting hard in the streets but our support is weak in the media. So we need more air play.

Libran is bringing positive vibration to educate and entertain. I don’t just do music for myself, I do it for the people.


  • G-Mac

I wish to see new talents being developed and helping to give the industry a fresh face. I also want to see less confrontations and more unity, because I didn’t see Bob Marley dem and Ken Booth with so much confrontations in their times. I also want to see more professionalism.

I bring to the music industry versatility because I don’t believe in labelling artistes as just reggae or dancehall artistes. We are here as entertainers and can be on any rhythm and represent our brand in a positive way.


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