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Jada Kingdom Storms Florida

Photo of Bumpy Red Square and Jada Kingdom (Photo credit: Venum Entertainment)

December 23, 2022 | By Supa Pea |

Florida a south-eastern US state is well-known for attracting storms and hurricanes. This has forced thousands to evacuate.

But, for Jada Kingdom, the forecast that she was gathering hurricane force winds and approaching Florida was a different case. Music fans didn’t pack up and run away from Florida; they jostled for VIP tickets and packed the venue.

The Jamaican singer came with fire in her wire. This was obvious by her tight fitting bodysuit which had a perfect cut revealing one of her round shaped bumpers. She had the audience on a roller coaster ride as she turned and twisted during her set.

Her big favourite was a song titled GPP ( Good xxxxx Problem). Just read between the lines.

The women knew it all and screamed while men just smiled off reality.

Her stay went over to Bumpy Red Square’s Birthday Bash.  Excitement ran high as his birthday cake was revealed. Music ran throughout with DJ Lava alongside X Entourage.

Promoter Bumpy Red Square thanked the Ice Cream Sundaze team, especially Tony, and the thousands of fans who have been supporting his events.

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