Jah Cure set for Europe

- by Deana Myers -

International recording artiste Jah cure is pumped up and ready for a one month tour of Europe. This is dubbed the ‘Life we live’ tour which officially commences on 29th October and ends on the 30th November. It is geared towards promoting his upcoming album and single, both also entitled ‘Life we live’. The album is due for a 2015 release.


I caught up with Jah Cure for a quick conversation:

Q: You have toured Europe before and built up a sturdy fan base there. What can they expect from you, this time?

A: This time around, it’s not gonna be much different as Jah Cure always gives fans an inspirational performance. So there’ll be nothing but good vibrations for the people.

Q: You performed in the UK once before. What do you have to say to those fans who eagerly anticipate your return someday?

A: I am missing my UK fans – I love them so much! I know that some of my biggest support comes from them. I can’t wait to feel the energy from them whilst performing, I’m definitely looking forward to that.

Q: Whilst you’re on tour, away from your family for so long, what kind of impact does it have on you and how do you cope in terms of maintaining communication etc?

A: It is not difficult inuh. As a matter of fact, with technology we can communicate very often via Skype. I talk to my daughter and see what she’s doing…you know, keep up date with the family. When I’m on tour, I am working and my family fully support that.

Q: Why is it important for artists to tour and what sort of emotion do you experience when you enter the stage and hear thousands of people screaming your name?

A: Touring is very hard. It is not easy – especially when you’re at it, night after night. It’s a lot of hard work and sleepless nights but once you enjoy it, it becomes apart of you. When you see the expression on the faces of fans, it gives you that feeling of appreciation that helps to drive you to continue making good music.

Q: Talk to me about the album and what next for Jah Cure

A: The album will be out in 2015 and I am currently promoting my newest single ‘Life we live’, which will be featured on it. Another single will be released later down in December. The album will be comprised of 14 tracks – all new songs except for ‘That Girl’. So look out for it next year! Nuff respect to all my fans, Jah Cure love unuh.



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