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Jamaican Government Launches HOPE for Children Trust Fund to Address Intergenerational Poverty

In a bid to combat intergenerational poverty and promote economic empowerment among vulnerable children, the Jamaican government has unveiled a groundbreaking initiative known as the Jamaica 60 HOPE for Children Trust Fund.

Announced by Prime Minister Andrew Holness during his contribution to the 2024/25 Budget Debate in the House of Representatives, the initiative aims to provide long-term financial support to children born on or after Jamaica’s 60th Independence Anniversary, who are wards of the State or beneficiaries of the Programme of Advancement Through Health and Education (PATH).

Under the scheme, eligible children will be endowed with a savings account, with annual contributions from the government. Furthermore, parents, guardians, and other donors will have the opportunity to make additional deposits into these accounts, thereby ensuring a robust financial foundation for the beneficiaries.

The accumulated funds, along with accrued interest, will become accessible to the child on their 18th birthday. The funds can be utilized for various purposes, including education, homeownership, commercial property acquisition, or investment in entrepreneurial ventures.

Prime Minister Holness emphasized the significance of the initiative in addressing structural inequalities within Jamaican society. He underscored the importance of providing opportunities for vulnerable children to break the cycle of poverty and build a brighter future for themselves.

“The central idea behind the program is to provide children with a lump sum to start them in life upon attaining adulthood,” stated Prime Minister Holness. “While the amount may be considered small, it is the first step in the right direction to truly create a more equitable society.”

The government also plans to explore alternative methods for establishing and managing the fund, including the possibility of integrating it into the National Insurance Fund or entrusting its administration to private insurance companies.

The launch of the Jamaica 60 HOPE for Children Trust Fund marks a significant milestone in Jamaica’s efforts to address systemic issues of poverty and inequality. By investing in the future of its youth, the government aims to foster a more inclusive and prosperous society for generations to come.

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