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Jamaica’s Prime Minister Gives Covid-19 Update

February 9, 2021 | Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie |

PM in Parliament 

There has been 402 new infections with a positivity rate of 20.  This is four times the recommended 5 percent accepted figure internationally. This is the first time we have exceeded 400 since the outbreak came to Jamaica in March 2020.

New curfew Starting February 10, 2021

Three will be a new curfew time between the hours of  8pm to 5am effective on February 10, 2021 until the 24th of February 2021.  Service sectors will be impacted for these (2) two weeks. If numbers go down we may revert to the 10 PM start time.

“We will step up on curfew hours.  We will be acting in the National interest to keep you safe.” PM Andrew Holness stated as he addressed parliament & members of the House.

Gathering limit

Banks are exempt and certain government offices.  We do not have enough police to enforce same. Personal responsibility is key.  “We want to save lives and ensure livelihoods.  “Vaccines are coming soon, 120,000 doses by mid February. AstraZeneca will be the brand.”

“There must be no panic.”

Opposition Leader responded

” Thank you for your statement with a positivity rate of 20 percent. Doubled since Christmas. Hospital  beds are maxing out.  In the world since January infections were declining.  For us the Christmas period has peaked.  Our pattern is not following the world pattern.  August 2020 last year this surge was similar.  We need tighter quarantine measures.  I agree with you we are seeing a fatigue.’

Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie reporting. Final report for today on COVID 19.

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