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Jinyus dropped first ever live album, Memba Good

November 22, 2022 | By Lesley Hayles |

Portmore-born, New York-based recording artist, Jinyus, is charting his own course in the dancehall music industry by releasing the first ever live album. Titled “Memba Good”, Jinyus is paving the way with this unique compilation.

The entirety of “Memba Good” is a stage show performance, with crowd responses and a backing band. Jinyus also calls out several names in the business as if it were a clash, counteracting various statements that were made about him in the past. Throughout the album, Jinyus can be heard saying to the audience to ‘memba good’ when he did certain songs and became known for his lyrical prowess at the time.

Memba Good” was released on September 12, 2022 and produced under the JTG Records label. It is available online on YouTube and other streaming services.

Jinyus also has a single out called “Mek It Work” from the “Memba Good” live album where he sang it twice. It too is available on all media platforms.

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