Journalist Do Not Come Across As Apologists For Any Government at all

As COVID Rages In Jamaica

The current scenario when lives are threatened and our personal movement is being curtailed in an effort to stem the COVID pandemic we have a moral obligation as the fourth estate to speak our views without fear or favour. Let the chips fall as they may.

Cheap Popularity

It is not our role as journalists to want to come across as being  apologists.  Call it as you see it.  Kevin O’ Brian Chang, a Public Commentator of integrity was minsing no words by calling out the government for falling asleep at the wheel in recent times as we are getting consumed with increased positive results from covid tests and rising deaths.

Governnent Support

Whether you support the Government or not is secondary, by saying your truth as you see it … you are helping to keep the powers at be on their toes. Batting on the front foot and not laying back and getting results which appear to be less than tackling the bowling.

Public Relations

Journalists are not supposed to appear to be public relations officers for Government or big businesses.  This appearance was the main features of the 70s and 80s in Jamaica. We saw the results of such an approach. These results by and large brought the journalistic profession into disrepute or very close to same.  If your position rubs the authorities the wrong way so be it.

Breaking Jamaican News
Photo: Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie – poet, and Senior International correspondent & Photojournalist for Vision Newspaper.


Do not be afraid or feel intimidated to do your job otherwise. Just do not slander or defame anyone’s character.  No reason to apologize for your unpopular opinion or position. Call it as you see it. You really don’t have to be seen as being fair if you are seen as fair, good for you, but such should not be your sole mission. State the facts as you see them. You may be persuaded or pressured to do otherwise ignore the nuts. Be strong by just stating the facts as they appear to you. Be true to thine own self.  You are expected to be opinion leaders. Carefully analysing the facts as they appear to you is the only way to go.  If they agree with your point of view, to God be the Glory, Great things He hath done. Alleluia!

 Solemn Duty

Whether you are a web poster, a blogger, a rookie, a junior, a senior or a veteran journalist or Media Manager, or Bureau Chief or Editor-In-Chief,  it does not matter your position or length of service. What matters is that you learn the tenets of the craft or profession well.  Always present the news, opinion or perspective as you see it fit. Doing so without fear or favour and allowing the chips to fall as they may. Those with an axe to grind may hate your guts. It is not a what or how it looks, or if it is not popular to the powers at be. In short this is not expected to be a feel good moment.  We all have a moral, if not a legal obligation to so conduct ourselves that the public will feel free and confident to always give us information and where possible intel so we can do our jobs better. We have a solemn duty to so do the best job as we see it fit, at all times.

Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie is a poet, veteran, journalist with an International exposure.  

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