Perspective: Let Us Respect Our Democracy

We have had a great tradition as we have always changed our governments through the Ballot Box and not by any gun.  it was therefore most disappointing to see the Opposition walk out of parliament for no clear reason today.

This is their right but as you are aware rights carry with them responsibilities.  Walking out of Parliament is nothing new or is illegal.  It is apart of the “game” and a game played all over the world.  We have to be careful the games we play as they can turn out to haunt us.
2017-18 Budget Debate
This budget will provide great relief to many thousands of Jamaicans.  The Opposition cannot turn  back the progress and gains of the people being delivered by the JLP led Government.
In my perspective it smacks on poor strategy for them to have walked out of Parliament today.  The Jamaican voter is very politically savvy …they could be punished for this “bad” move.
Lacked Votes
The Opposition was apparently hoping to block the vote as MP Derrick Smith was out on sick leave and they may have calculated that the JLP Holness government had inadequate votes to pass the budget into law.  Alas! They were wrong …they were short two votes to do this as MP Omar Davis and MP Ian Hayles were absent from today’s sitting.  The JLP had enough votes to pass the Budget into law even if the Opposition had stayed in Parliament.
MP Hayles of the PNP has his own problems as he is under corruption probe … fighting for his political life.  We must wait and see if he survives
Draw Bad Card
When you are digging a hole make sure you dig two.  The Opposition therefore, in Jamaican bar talk drew a bad card.  We hope they will learn from their folly.
We do not gloat at their miss calculation but hope they will bring a higher level of discourse to our parliamentary life.
We should not pick all fights.  At times we must walk away and even appear to be cowards.  We may live to fight another day with even greater rewards.
What is your perspective?  Let us hear from you.
Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie is SIC for Vision Newspaper.

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