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April 8, 2021
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Will Meghan Markle Attend Prince Phillip’s Funeral?

Photo of the Queen, Meghan, and Harry

April 9, 2021 | Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie |

The Duke of Edinburgh and Queen Elizabeth were married for 74 years. Despite the many issues affecting the family, they have been a stable couple. The vexed issue of whether Meghan Markle wife of Harry who is the grandson of Prince Phillip, Duke Of Edinburgh, will be accepted at the Duke’s funeral is being hotly debated. This question has been occupying many minds. We should not take this matter as merely academic.  The fall out from that Oprah Winfrey interview is still reverberating in the corridors of power in the upper echelons of the British aristocratic society.

Meghan Markle

Many of the racist leaning individuals in the British upper class will never accept a black person. Meghan, in their eyes, is just a black girl whom is lucky to be married in the British aristocratic society. This is sad, very sad indeed. They see colour as the only qualification for entry, it is a special privilege to be let in if you are the wrong colour, in their eyes.

They accept you if they wish.  The standard set is their own choice.  They make up the rules.


There are those who still do not accept Meghan Markle into the top stiff upper lip high-class society.

Meghan Markle will never be accepted by many who do not see her any less than they see commoners in general. This is a sad commentary indeed!


The question if Meghan Markle will attend the Duke of Edinburgh funeral is on alot of peoples mind.  Prince Harry released a statement regarding the death of his grandfather and of course announced that he will be flying into England to attend the private funeral on April 17th 2021.  It has still not been confirmed if his wife Meghan Markle will be accompanying him with their children, Prince Phillip’s grandchildren.

Piers Morgan would eat Meghan as if she was minced meat if she did not attend.  What would be her excuse not to attend?

Systemic Racism

Colour of skin rubs deep in the minds of those who view skin colour as a passport to be the visa for acceptance.  That is why we have long contended that:

“Racism is a affront to decency”

We also hold the view that Hitler was wrong, very wrong:

“There is no super race”

We are all equal under the sight of God.

The look of face & colour of skin, Is no big thing

It is your contribution, To the building of a productive nation.

British Society

Despite Meghan Markle’s fine accomplishments as a top rated actress, she has not been accepted in the British Society.  In the United States Of America (USA) acting is revered. This is not so in Britain. Different place different culture. That is how it is.  America is a glamour almost make belief type of society.  It is not how people see things and react to them in Britain.  The British Society can best be described as the cradle of civilization as we know it. This is the place where Shakespeare created his many literary works. There is Stratford-on-Avon the seat of literature and on stage acting.  Writers like Keats, Dickens, Wordsworth, to name a few developed and honed their craft.  The great universities there are Oxford and London School of Economics to name two well known internationally.

Colonial Power

At the heights of British hay day they were a colonial power and America was one of its colonies. You could easily say Britain ruled the seas and the western world. They were a world power to reckon with. Militarily and otherwise. So here is a highly developed society which has seen better days. Their song:

 “Rule Britiana, Britain will never be slaved.”

This exemplifies the confidence of an accomplished people and society have in themselves.  So this is the society that Meghan Markle finds herself thrusted in by marriage. At the pinnacle, that of the royal family.


Oh yes!  She has no choice but to attend the Duke’s funeral.

Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie is a veteran journalist who is a poet and elegist with international exposure.

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