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Juicy J Picks $50,000 Scholarship Winner

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Biology major and mom Zaire Holmes just won a $50,000 scholarship from Juicy J, and she didn’t even have to twerk to get the money.

Last August, Juicy announced that he would be gifting one lucky lady with a scholarship for the best twerk performance but the stipulation didn’t sit well with some. As a result, the “Bounce It” rapper clarified the rules, explaining that contestants didn’t “have to be able to twerk to win” and could instead send in a video explaining why they deserved the money.

Holmes followed suit and took home the grand prize. “50,000 dollars is a lot of money and I just don’t wanna waste it on some chick twerking her a–,” Juicy says in a video unveiling Holmes as the winner.

The 19-year-old college student was understandably shocked to make it to the final round of picks and even more excited to win. “My first reaction was I started screaming,” she said of becoming a finalist. “Blessings come to people who wait so I’m just going to be real chill and real humble.”

A dose of patience and a talk with her son (who she calls her “good luck charm”) paid off, and now Holmes will use the $50,000 to cover all of her lab expenses.

As an added bonus, she jumped in the studio with Juicy J to bust a flow. “Juicy J says he’s always looking for new talent so the opportunity might present itself,” she said. “You never know.”



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