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Kabaka Pyramid Collaborate with Billboard Chart Topping Artist Iyaz

New York , New York (September 21, 2018) Known to many as the lyrical prowess, Kabaka Pyramid is also known to be selective of the tracks he collaborates on. Recently a single titled Destiny was released with Kabaka Pyramid and billboard chart topping artist Iyaz.

Born Keidran Jones, better known by his stage name Iyaz is a British Virgin Islander, singer-songwriter and dancer. He is known for his mega- billboard singles “Replay”, “Solo” and “Pretty Girls”.   

The single Destiny, which is on an uptempo -afro centric rhythm, gives you an insight on Iyaz signature style of inventive re-imaginings of the reggae splashed, hooked heavy soul he is known for.  Yet ,collaborating with the lyrical deity aka Kabaka Pyramid on this track you also get the fusion of the authentic gritty vocals as Kabaka Pyramid speaks to the perseverance of achieving his destiny with a fight.

The single discuss the battle many go through as they push forward to executing their purpose here on earth ‘Destiny‘. As the chorus states

Oh destiny, I know it might take time
And the thought you is keeping me alive
Gonna rule my destiny
Destiny, I’ve been searching high and low
And I won’t give up until you are my home
My destiny

Though the fight to achieve their destiny one can become saddened and discouraged. Yet, the uptempo beat of this single keeps the fire of hope alive. During the third verse, Kabaka Pyramid comes in with powerful words, which uplifts the track to another level, while getting listeners in a vibe to wave their flags and wave with hope in their hearts.

The single, which was released a few weeks ago is currently garnering international radio airplay, and attaining traction on the recently released lyric video.
Destiny ft Kabaka Pyramid [LYRIC VIDEO]
Destiny ft Kabaka Pyramid [LYRIC VIDEO]

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