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KipRich bashes Cobra song – Calls veteran deejay a coward


Dancehall artiste KipRich has come out swinging at Mad Cobra after the veteran deejay released a song called ‘Worse Way’, in which he challenges the ousted clash king and his mentor Ninja Man.

Worst Way sees Mad Cobra taunting Kiprich about his loss to Black Ryno at the recently concluded Sting 30, as well as classifying Ninja Man as a coke-head artiste. Mad Cobra also says he is prepared to unleash his lyrical fury at both deejays in 2014.

KipRich told THE STAR that he has not listened to the song. However, he did disclose that his associates had told him that Mad Cobra made disparaging comments in Worst Way about his (KipRich) mother.

According to the artiste, he is not impressed with the allegations which he has been hearing about Cobra’s song as it pertains to references to his mother. KipRich also said Mad Cobra is a coward and commented that mothers have no place in lyrical battle.

“From mi hear bout da madda thing deh, mi not even put out much interest fi hear him song. Big up Cobra madda, but from somebody tell mi sey him guh madda mi not even pay him nuh attention,” KipRich said.

The artiste also says Mad Cobra feared him prior to his loss to Black Ryno at Sting. However he (Mad Cobra) is using Ryno’s victory as a confidence booster.

“Why did he wait until 2014 to start dissing mi? That is a cowardly act. The business don’t need that right now fi a tell a man about him mother. That’s a cheap line and I don’t call that lyrics, but at the same time, that can’t scare me either,” KipRich said.

According to KipRich, Mad Cobra’s fans now see him as a coward because he avoided lyrical confrontation at Sting, and is seeking to ride on the wave of Black Ryno’s victory.

“The people dem a sey him just a look a hype because Ryno got the upper hand at Sting. He is a coward because he was waiting on the results to determine his actions. Is a bredda (who) from him know sey yu prepared him a guh hide from the war, but when yu nah pay him nuh mind, him sneak up, is a snake,” KipRich laughed.

KipRich is currently promoting a new song called Smart Phone. He also disclosed that new war singles would be released in coming days and expressed that his oppositions are free to take his lyrical jabs personal.

“Him and the coke-head one a waste matters; cyah usebwoy argument phase shottas – guh look how inna di hearse stay … that send yu the reverse way; Black Ryno use gun shotthe worse way; a me a start it 2014, wah happen to unno” are some of the provoking lyrics spewing from Mad Cobra’s song Worse Way.

Attempts to get a follow-up comment from Mad Cobra were unsuccessful.




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