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Kiprich Reclaims Dancehall Throne with New Single “Darkness”

Kingston, Jamaica – World-renowned dancehall artist Kiprich is reclaiming his spot in the music industry with his latest single, “Darkness,” released on May 31, 2024. The track, an emotional journey through grief and loss, has made a significant impact, debuting at number 33 on the US iTunes Reggae Singles Chart on June 5, and quickly climbing to number 18 before midnight.

Produced by a powerhouse team including 1Family Records, Real Live Records, DJ Treasure Music, and A’Legends Productions, “Darkness” is a testament to Kiprich’s enduring talent and resilience. The song’s poignant lyrics delve into the experience of losing a friend or loved one, capturing the ensuing darkness and regret that accompany the mourning process.

The music video for “Darkness,” directed by the acclaimed Deko Massiv and released on the same day as the single, has garnered an impressive 53,000 views on YouTube within just five days, further cementing Kiprich’s return to the spotlight.

Kiprich, whose real name is Marlon Plunkett, is backed by a stellar promotional team spearheaded by Ejor Media Group. PR guru Lesley Hayles, along with Jenelle Alexia of A’Legends and Garry Rainford from Real Live Records, are orchestrating a comprehensive campaign to bring Kiprich back to the forefront of the dancehall scene.

Currently on a promotional tour in the US, Kiprich is engaging with fans and media through a series of radio interviews. These include notable stops such as Get With The Fix Radio in New Jersey, Ja Irie Radio in New York, and One Love Radio in Connecticut. Additionally, he has several high-profile performances scheduled, with a major show in the Bahamas on June 22 and an event hosted by Flippa Moggela in Philadelphia on June 30.

“Darkness” is not just a song; it is a heartfelt exploration of human emotions, resonating with listeners worldwide. Kiprich’s return is not merely about reclaiming his position but also about sharing his profound musical evolution with his audience.

Fans and new listeners alike can purchase “Darkness” on iTunes and watch the compelling music video on YouTube. Kiprich’s resurgence in the dancehall industry is a testament to his unwavering dedication and the power of his music to connect deeply with the human experience.

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