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Lady G gets top billing in North America

September 2, 2022 | By Janice Young |

Veteran Dancehall singjay Janice Fyffe, also known as Lady G is pleased that she is still receiving top billing in the US and Canada despite not having a current trending hit in the last decade. The singjay, booked for events like the VP Records Jamaica 60 celebrations recently in Ontario Canada, sees this as a testament to the work that she has put in over the last three decades.

I’m always recording new music, that is the work of an artiste, but I know it’s my clean lyrics from my worldwide hits and my on-the-spot freestyles on stage that keep the fans entertained,” Lady G explained

From her first hit ‘Nuff Respect’ released in the late 1980’s, Lady G has been consistent with material that doesn’t follow the convention of dancehall slackness, proving that Dancehall can be entertaining without being vulgar. The artiste admits that she thinks about retiring every now and then but the love of the music and the consistent bookings make it impossible to stop anytime soon.

I love going on a stage and hearing the crowd sing my songs word for word, I love being able to share my experiences with my fans while remaining true to myself as an artiste. It makes me fit into spaces that other dancehall acts are not able to fit into,” G added

Fitting into high profiled events like Legends In Concert, Michael Bolton LIVE this September in Atlanta Georgia, which also features Lady G.

Fans can expect a great, fun and entertaining set from me at these upcoming events. I’m booked predominantly in North America now but I’m looking forward to my Caribbean tour which is in the planning stages as well,” G declared

Current releases for Lady G include ‘Live It Up’ produced by General Degree on his Size 8 Rhythm and ‘Big Woman Ting’ by Malvo Production

SOURCE StreetCred Jamaica

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