Gully Bop

Every now and then, a rookie producer hits the mother lode with a first project, catapulting into the ‘big league’.

First-time producer LG may have hit it off with a big song right out of the gates with his Gully Bop and Shane O combination single, Eeh Eeeh Eeh, on the LG PNC Records label, as the song is blowing up all over social media.

“The feedback has been incredible, so far. Gully Bop is hot and this combination with Shane O is even hotter. Right now, mi a get ready fi come a road with a big project,” LG, said.

Plans are already far advanced to shoot a video for the project.

“When Gully Bop returns from Europe, we plan to shoot the video, but the song is getting a lot of play in the streets and on the radio,” he revealed.

LG is also getting ready to release a rhythm project on his label.

“Yea, man, ah just hits pon top of hits. We ah come up with new projects fi hot up the summer,” he said.



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