Jamaican Movie Theatre Release Delayed


Producers forced to put it online

Curtis Campbell, STAR Writer

Creators of locally produced film Jamaican Mafia have paused their quest for worldwide theatrical distribution in an effort to give Jamaica and the rest of the world the opportunity to buy the film online.

Dale Foti, executive producer of the film, and former manager to dancehall artiste, Erup, says that there are three main factors which led to the team’s decision.

The producer says the film received a very displeasing contract from its distribution company as well as made an announcement that it would take six months to prepare the movie for a theatrical run. She also said the movie’s core audience has been impatiently awaiting its release for over a year, therefore, the decision to air the film online will appease the hunger of the fans whom have already exercised much patience.

The executive producer also added that they’ve been offered a Jamaican Mafia television series, worldwide distribution, a book trilogy and a soundtrack deal from a soon-to-be announced company.

“The most important thing at this present time is to please the fans by delivering the film to them. We don’t intend to have them waiting another six months to see it in a theatre. Therefore, the time has come for people across the world to finally own a copy of the movie for their own home libraries. Started last Tuesday ( May 12), fans can get the DVD, or watch the film via Video Upload at www.indiegogo.com/projects/jamaican-mafia,” she said.

Mykal Fax, president of Kingston 11 films, chimed in stating that the Internet makes it easier to distribute films, in the event that major distributors have failed to follow through.

“We already have the interest of the people, so why should we continue to pursue distributors when we are already connected to our core audience through the worldwide web. All we need now is the people’s support,” he said.

The producers of Jamaican Mafia are seeking at least 5,000 fans worldwide to pre-order the film before Tuesday, June 16, in an effort to reach the campaign’s goal to release the movie.

Filmed entirely in New York City last year, Jamaican Mafia is directed by Donzo and stars Paul Campbell, whose credits include Dancehall Queen and Third World Cop.

Popular US-based businessman Damion Dash recently used the Internet to market his recently released film Loisaidas.



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