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Lil Jon Partners with Natural Vitality to Champion Mental Health Awareness

Los Angeles – In a groundbreaking collaboration aimed at sparking conversations around mental health awareness, Grammy Award-winning artist Lil Jon has joined forces with wellness supplement brand Natural Vitality. This unexpected partnership comes ahead of the release of Lil Jon’s second meditation album, “Manifest Abundance,” slated to drop on Friday, May 10.

Mental Health Awareness Month, observed in May, serves as the backdrop for this alliance, which seeks to dismantle negative stigmas surrounding mental health in both mainstream and niche cultures. Through their partnership, Lil Jon and Natural Vitality aim to make mental wellbeing resources more accessible and to encourage dialogue among communities, mental health practitioners, and organizations.

Speaking about the collaboration, Lil Jon expressed his passion for prioritizing mental wellbeing: “Spreading the knowledge I have gained to others that may not have normally been exposed to the information makes me feel good inside. Lowering stress and detaching from the matrix should be paramount for everyone around the world.”

Lil Jon’s journey towards prioritizing mental health aligns seamlessly with Natural Vitality’s mission to support mental wellbeing through science-backed magnesium-based products. Nicole Ng, Marketing Lead at Natural Vitality, emphasized the importance of the partnership: “More than ever, people are struggling through daily stressors, and are more open to sharing their mental health journeys. We want to champion this dialogue and provide support and resources.”

To kick off the collaboration, Lil Jon’s Manifest Abundance Album Retreat, presented by Natural Vitality, will take place at the serene Hotel Bel-Air. Attendees will engage in mindfulness-centered activities, including a guided meditation led by Lil Jon, an album showcase, and a fireside discussion with mental health expert Dr. Patrice Le Goy, LMFT.

Commenting on the partnership, Dr. Le Goy highlighted the significance of working with artists like Lil Jon who advocate strongly for mental health awareness: “Our hope is that we can create authentic conversations around mental health – throughout Mental Health Awareness month and beyond.”

Content from the event will be shared on Lil Jon and Natural Vitality’s social channels, allowing people worldwide to participate in the dialogue and experience a guided meditation by Lil Jon himself. Additionally, Lil Jon’s favorite Natural Vitality products will be available on NaturalVitality.com.

The collaboration between Lil Jon and Natural Vitality represents a holistic approach to mental health advocacy, blending art, science, and community engagement to foster a culture of wellbeing.


The partnership between Lil Jon and Natural Vitality is a powerful example of leveraging influence for positive change. In the Black community, where discussions about mental health have historically been taboo, initiatives like these are crucial for breaking down barriers and promoting wellness. By openly discussing his own mental health journey and partnering with a brand dedicated to mental wellbeing, Lil Jon is helping to normalize conversations about mental health and encourage individuals to prioritize their own wellbeing. This collaboration serves as an inspiration for other artists and brands to join forces in destigmatizing mental health and promoting holistic wellness within the Black community and beyond.

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