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Spike Lee and Giancarlo Esposito Team Up for Fiat 500e “Italy in America” Campaign

Auburn Hills, Mich. – Legendary filmmaker Spike Lee and Emmy-nominated actor Giancarlo Esposito have joined forces for a groundbreaking advertising campaign promoting the all-new, all-electric 2024 Fiat 500e. Titled “Italy in America,” the campaign celebrates Italian heritage and urban culture, offering a unique perspective on sustainable mobility.

Directed by Spike Lee himself and filmed by Academy Award-nominated cinematographer Matthew Libatique, the campaign marks the first national advertising collaboration between Lee and Esposito. Their enduring friendship and chemistry are palpable throughout the unscripted campaign, as Esposito helps Lee tap into his “inner Italian.”

The campaign’s centerpiece, a 60-second online spot titled “Italy in America,” was launched across social media and digital platforms on May 1. It showcases Esposito guiding Lee through the Italian-inspired features of the Fiat 500e, highlighting its lightweight design, efficiency, and sustainability.

Esposito, known for his Italian ancestry, shares his heritage with Lee, emphasizing the Italian lifestyle and design elements embodied by the Fiat 500e. The campaign aims to capture not just the features of the electric vehicle but also the essence of Italian culture, presenting a compelling narrative that resonates with audiences.

In addition to the main spot, the campaign includes a series of creative elements featuring Lee and Esposito, exploring various aspects of the Fiat 500e experience. From the immersive JBL Virtual Venues audio technology to the unique design of the Fiat 500e’s LED headlights, each element adds depth to the campaign’s storytelling.


The collaboration between Spike Lee and Giancarlo Esposito for the Fiat 500e “Italy in America” campaign is a significant moment in advertising, particularly for the Black community. Both Lee and Esposito are icons in their respective fields, known for their artistic excellence and cultural impact.

By coming together for this campaign, they not only promote a sustainable mobility option but also celebrate diversity and heritage. Esposito’s Italian ancestry and Lee’s renowned filmmaking prowess bring authenticity and depth to the campaign, resonating with audiences from diverse backgrounds.

Moreover, the campaign’s unscripted nature allows Lee and Esposito’s genuine friendship to shine through, making it relatable and engaging for viewers. As the automotive industry moves towards electrification and sustainability, campaigns like “Italy in America” serve as a reminder of the power of storytelling in driving meaningful change.

In essence, this collaboration is not just about selling cars; it’s about celebrating culture, friendship, and the journey towards a greener future. Through their partnership, Lee and Esposito have crafted a campaign that transcends advertising, leaving a lasting impression on audiences worldwide.

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