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Macka’s ‘Wicked Heart’ crucifixion scene sparks debate


The Money Goddess Macka Diamond has irked several dancehall fans with a crucifixion scene in her latest music video, ‘Wicked Heart’, a move that some see as potentially blasphemous.

She posted a picture from the video shoot on her Instagram account under the caption : ‘Tell wicked heart! Stop fighting me cause people like di likkle light in me’.

Some of her Instagram followers replied immediately with comments like “Um dat an abomination for yuh nuh worthy like Jesus Christ to be pon di cross mackadiamond1”

However, Macka Diamond is unfazed by the criticisms and said that she has done nothing sacrilegious.

“This is just art, nothing to get all worked up about. I am not trying to say I am like Jesus Christ, or anything like that. Crucifixion was a popular way for the Roman Empire to get rid of their enemies. the other day, mi see dem kill Spartacus pon a cross. I believe in God and would never do anything blasphemous. look how God has blessed me, why would I want to anger Him?” Macka Diamond said in a statement.

The Wicked Heart single has generated more than 10,000 views on YouTube since it was released two weeks ago and there is a huge buzz around the single.

Years ago, P. Diddy was embroiled in a similar controversy over the 1999 video for Nas ft Puff Daddy Hate Me Now video debacle. The music video for the single was directed by Hype Williams and featured Nas being crucified. The original edit also featured Puff Daddy on the cross. Puffy had demanded that his crucifixion scene be excised from the broadcast edit of the video, but the wrong edit was incorrectly sent to MTV and TRL, and aired on April 15, 1999.

Within minutes of the broadcast, Puffy had barged into the offices of Nas’ manager, Steve Stoute, with several bodyguards, and struck Stoute over the head with a champagne bottle. Stoute later sued Puffy. the suit was settled out of court.


[VIA –Jamaica Star]

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