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Major Mackerel making a steady comeback


Committed to pronouncements he made last year about making a musical comeback, veteran dancehall deejay, Major Mackerel, is already well on his way to accomplishing this feat.

“Right now, it looks great. I am getting the younger producers like Truckback, Downsound, and Pay Day records to record me. I am making strides and I am performing well,” the entertainer said.

He said that he had now found favour with the younger generation.

“The comeback looks good because the children of Jamaica is singing ‘mini mini’ now. Right now, the age ranges from five to 25. The kids, though, have me as a new artiste, and that is great for me. When they see me, they are saying ‘yes, the new deejay!’ They are getting to know Major Mackerel.”

The artiste, who was once a staple in the 1980s and was known for hits such as Pretty Looks Done and Dutty Bundle, performed well at popular shows last year such as Sting, held at Jamworld in Portmore, St Catherine, and Follow Di Arrow at James Bond Beach, Oracabessa, St Mary, among other events, much to the delight of the patrons.

He said he was well received at the Tessanne Chin’s homecoming concert held a little over a week ago at the waterfront in downtown Kingston.

Major Mackerel is also set to release new songs that he encourages the public to look out for sometime in February. “I just recorded one for Truckback last week called Mi A Major, and I did one for Downsound calledGangsta Girl,” he revealed.

He is also planning on doing more studio recordings as well as adding a video, which he will be doing for the first time in his career, to Gangsta Girl.

As to a reported quarrel between him and Elephant Man, Major Mackerel said that he had nothing against the deejay and that he was more focused on his career.

“The quarrel has been resolved. Elephant Man went on radio and said that he is aware of something that he shouldn’t have done. We resolved the situation. We’re not the best of friends, but we’re not enemies. I am doing my thing right now. my career is going on and it’s great,” Major Mackerel said.

The artiste pointed out that even though he had been around for so long, he continued to remain relevant by aligning himself with the current crop of artistes as well as dressing like them.



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